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Hovering Over The Moon viewing Earth

Hovering Over The Moon viewing Earth

Hovering Over The Moon

Hovering Over The Moon


But 3DAstronomer™ is not only for amateur astronomers, but professionals and educators, as well. 3DAstronomer™ is a superb tool for educational purposes and enthusiastic astronomers as it contains additional data available in overlays and labels - such as planet names and constellations.

The highly-configurable display features let you add or remove detail at will. Moving around through the solar system and beyond to other galaxies can be achieved using a combination of keyboard shortcuts, or with a click of the mouse.

3DAstronomer™ is a 3D space simulator as well as a 3D astronomical database. Astronomers and astrophysicists will marvel at the quick retrieval of information.

3DAstronomer™ can provide both purely recreational voyages and serious voyages into outer space. It is one of the most versatile space simulation programs ever created.

With 3DAstronomer™, you will have the chance to look upon the earth as if you were hovering above the atmosphere. See for yourself the images that have helped us better understand our planet.

3DAstronomer™ allows you to journey to the closest stars,including Alpha Centauri and Proxima Centauri.

3DAstronomerAre you already a 'hobbyist' astronomer but want to learn more?

3DAstronomerAre you looking for an easier way to explain the Earth, the Cosmos and
3dastronomerthe Stars?

3DAstronomerWould a complete 3D Astronomical application help with your everyday

3DAstronomerOr do you just want to have fun with a more interesting and educational
3dastronomersoftware package?

3DAstronomer™ is what you have been waiting for...

3DAstronomer™ has been made easy to use, with basic settings even a child can manipulate, yet look deeper and you will quickly see the amazing educational possibilities available. It really has been designed to be suitable for everyone, no matter if you are a budding space enthusiast, a professional astronomer or even an astrophysicist.

Additional Features:

affilaiteareaExplore Our Solar System, Our Galaxy and Beyond in 3D on your computer

affilaiteareaEasy to use & extremely flexible (with simple commands that even a child can use)

affilaiteareaSuper low learning curve (Very easy to use).

affilaiteareaVisually appealing, quick use menus and icons

affilaiteareaBased on NASA and the European Space Agency data (More accurate).

affilaiteareaDisplays information on the screen about the item you are viewing (internet connection required)

affilaiteareaHover above the earth to view a solar eclipse, night lights, and clouds

affilaiteareaExplore our solar system, including the moons of Jupiter, space craft and comets

affilaiteareaView actual orbits of the planets and sun

affilaiteareaA catalog is available of over 3800 Near Earth Asteroids or NEA's.

affilaiteareaExplore any of the over 60 recently-discovered extrasolar planets

affilaiteareaMove at Hyper speed to one any of over 100,000 catalogued stars

affilaiteareaView actual planet orbits based on Real Time and synchronized to your computer clock

affilaiteareaIntuitive, point, click and go to movements

affilaiteareaSpeed up or reverse time (go to different points in history)

affilaiteareaZoom into view a small spacecraft or out to see a galaxy

affilaiteareaFully customizable with many community add-ons

affilaiteareaIdeal for anyone from the interested child, budding space enthusiasts to professional
astronomers and even an astrophysicist.

affilaiteareaData based on the Hipparcos Space Astrometry Mission

affilaiteareaView Earths night lights, actual planetary orbits, well known constellations, comets and
even a solar eclipse

affilaiteareaThe comprehensive user guide will have you up and running in no time

affilaiteareaGuided tours that are full of fascinating facts that will keep you entertained for hours

affilaiteareaAll from the thriving Open Source Community, this software is forever changing

affilaiteareaComplete Source Code Available (gives you more control and the ability to modify the program to suit your needs)

affilaiteareaMulti PC License - This can be used on as many systems as you want.

affilaitearea100% FREE Lifetime updates / upgrades

affilaiteareaModerate System Requirements:
Win 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/Windows 7, 1+GHz CPU, 128+MB RAM, 500+ MB Hard Drive Space, DVD Rom, Open GL Drivers


100% Freedom, Amazing Scenery
And 3D Modelling


Unlike most planetarium software, 3DAstronomer™ doesn’t confine you to the surface of the earth. You can travel throughout the solar system, to any of over 100,000 stars and
even beyond our galaxy.

3DAstronomer™ uses information that the European Space Agency gathered data during a four-year satellite mission, including precise solar system astrometric and photometric measurements. Thanks to this database, astronomers have been able to more
accurately plot the stars in the sky, and you can find these exact measurements correctly represented in 3DAstronomer™ and the target item displayed on your computer screen in 3D.

3DAstronomer™ is committed to staying ahead of the game, bringing its users cutting-edge astronomical discoveries. 3DAstronomer™ was designed to grow as our knowledge of the universe grows; there is no end to what we can discover.

Now You Are In Control

3DAstronomerThe added bonus is that 3DAstronomer™ is based on OpenGL graphics rendering. This means the program can really do just about anything and make it look realistic.

3DAstronomer™ is one of the first commercial space applications that gives you complete control. This means you can dig deeper into the game and create your own graphics including: planets, stars and even spaceships.

You can also completely reprogram your controls and control response. The graphics and customization are only as limited as your imagination.

Flexible and Open License Software

3DAstronomer3DAstronomer™ is proudly part of the Open Source initiative, and released under the terms of the GPL. For you this means complete flexibility when running and using this software.

With the source code that is available you can join the community and become 'part of the project' by contributing add-ons or updates, or simply enjoy what the other developers have already created.

Unlike other software you may buy, you are free to install 3DAstronomer™ on as many computers as you like all for the one low 3DAstronomerprice.

This is a commercial adaption of the world renown Celestia project. This means 3DAstronomer™ is in constant development and keeps getting better and better. If you require further information or want to help develop 3DAstronomer™ further please have a look at our Developers Area.

3DAstronomer™ is a global co-operative development project with contributors and users from just about every continent. Users range from budding home enthusiasts, to astrophysicists, and even space agencies.

Join the thousands of users who are already using this amazing astronomy software....


Multiple PC License

Why pay 100's of dollars per computer for a costly program when 3DAstronomer™ can do it all for you for one tenth of the price? Remember this is a fully licensed and legal copy of 3DAstronomer™ that can be used at home or work. You may install it on as many systems as you like, all with the same license!

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